Alsloot painting with caption--A Digital Supplement to the Exhibit at the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library


Below you will find additional elements that supplement the exhibit in the gallery at Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library relating to the theatrical significance of Denis van Alsloot’s painting “The Triumph of the Archduchess Isabella” (© Victoria & Albert Museum, London). In partnership with the V&A Museum, we hope to provide cultural & historical context for this 17th century painting, while also showcasing the graduate students’ process of recreating aspects from this extravagant event. 

The exhibit runs through May 2019 at the University of Maryland. 

Exhibit Extras

Screenshot from Victoria and Albert Museum Web site
A screenshot
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YouTube screenshot
Ommegang History
Painting of a crowd around a church
Feast Screen Shot
Image of Guilds Processing


This video shows a closer look at the process of building the ship-wagon model and includes grad student interviews.

This video shows what the Ommegang in Brussels looks like today.