Songs Referencing Kent State

Song Artist Year
Four Children are Dead Ron Carter & James Spaulding 1970
Four Dead in Ohio Maxima 1970
Jackson-Kent Blues Steve Miller 1970
Kent State Massacre J.J. Light 1970
Monday In May (The Kent State Tragedy) Third Condition 1970
Ohio Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 1970
Sandra Allison Jeffery and Bill Evolution 1970
41,000 Plus 4 (Ballad Of The Kent State Massacre) Ruth Warwick 1971
Driving Through Mythical America Pete Atkin 1971
Student Demonstration Time Roger Wright 1971
Water Street Ken Lauber & Orchestra 1971
What A Good Time for Kent State Freddie Hubbard 1971
Write the History of Kent State (The Shot Heard Around The World) Dick Gregory 1971
Hey Sandy Harvey Andrews 1972
It Could Have Been Me Holly Near 1972
Ohio Neil Young 1972
Turn to Stone Joe Walsh 1972
Hey America America Children of The Morning 1973
The Kent State Massacre Barbara Dane 1973
The Knife Genesis 1974
Anarchy Ken Lauber & Orchestra 1981
Confrontation Ken Lauber & Orchestra 1981
Dance Around the Sun Grace Slick 1981
Dont Hide Your Light John Sebastian 1981
Lay Ye Down (Lay Down Your Guns) Richie Havens 1981
Lay Ye Down Waltz Ken Lauber & Orchestra 1981
They All Look The Same Grace Slick 1981
Ohio Britt Small & Festival 1985
Governor Rhodes Jandek 1986
Ohio Toxic Reasons 1988
American Heroes Vettz 1990
Slaughterama Gwar 1990
Talking Kent State Clark Springs 1992
Decades Joe Walsh 2000
O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E Lamb of God 1986
Tin Omen Skinny Puppy 2001
Kent State Massacre (13 Seconds In May) Ryan Harvey 2004
Beggars Bullets Chris Butler 2005
Just When You Think The War Is Over Lester 2005
Kent Magpie 2005