Select pages from Fats Domino’s European Tour booklet, 1991.

Fats Domino's International Appeal

For a popular music genre, R&B had a fairly lengthy life in the spotlight. Throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s, records regularly charted from the genre. As the 1960s pressed into the 1970s and genres like rock, soul, and funk overtook R&B, artists like Fats Domino sought new paths through the music industry.

Domino continued performing and recording in the R&B style, with flashes of the more contemporary music mixed in to smaller and more niche audiences. He played many shows in Las Vegas, where hotels and clubs hired him to play every night for a month. Domino found similar work in New Orleans, as he began to spend more time in his home city.




While his national touring and performances slowed down, Domino maintained and even increased the number of tours he made internationally. Fans in Germany, Holland, Japan, and England maintained interest in classic R&B, and so throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, Fats Domino toured these countries to appease his international fan base.

Domino made his last tour in 1995, spending a month performing across Europe. Since then, he has performed periodically in New Orleans.

Insert for 45 RPM single from Japan, c. 1959.