Dave Bartholomew

Dave Bartholomew worked with virtually every major R&B artist who came out of New Orleans. His legacy is not in his own recordings, which were few, but rather in the work he did for the many other musicians who came from New Orleans. Bartholomew wore many hats: he worked for Imperial Records recruiting talent, he acted as a producer overseeing recording sessions, and he wrote or co-wrote songs for musicians.

Bartholomew was known for his disciplined nature, which paired well with some of New Orleans’s more carefree, spontaneous personalities, including Domino’s. He was instrumental in bringing more pop and country-western sounds to R&B, a synthesis that led to the rock ‘n’ roll phenomenon in the years to come.


Wouter Keesing’s Dave Bartholomew discography, c. 1990s.



Dave Bartholomew 45 RPM Single “Would You,” 1956.