Larry Williams

Imperial Records was not the only company making use of New Orleans talent. A number of labels recorded musicians from New Orleans, including Ace, Instant / Minit, Ric / Ron, Herald / Ember, and many more. Larry Williams was signed to Specialty Records, a label which had recorded Lloyd Price and Professor Longhair. Williams got his start after Price and Little Richard both left the label, and so Specialty looked to him to fill the void. His vocal style was similar to both artists, and as such he had moderate success with songs such as “Short Fat Fannie,” “Bonie Moronie,” and “High School Dance.”

Williams’s recordings are perhaps less well-known than some of their covers, in particular those done by the Beatles. “Dizzy Miss Lizzy,” “Slow Down,” and “Bad Boy” were all covered by the Beatles, despite being some of Williams’s less-successful works.

Wouter Keesing’s Larry Williams discography, c. 1990s.



Larry Williams 45 RPM Single, “Bony Moronie,” 1957.