Label from 45 RPM Single of “I’m in Love Again,“ 1956.




The Style of Fats Domino


Fats Domino and bandleader Dave Bartholomew worked together on many of Domino's songs and recordings. Sometimes, Domino would bring an unfinished song to the studio, and Bartholomew would help him complete it. “I’m in Love Again“ is one such piece; Domino brought the harmony and melody, and Bartholomew helped him form the lyrics, drawing from the themes of other popular songs.


The style of this song is consistent with many of Domino’s big hits. The saxophone dominates the instrumental parts, but is supported by Domino’s swing rhythms on the piano. Fats Domino's voice has a soft, smooth quality associated with the pop genre, but his blues-inspired embellishments and New Orleans accent are more common in R&B. The song also mixes pop and R&B forms and harmonies, which was common for artists looking to crossover from the R&B charts to the pop charts.


Many 1950s artists like Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis had flamboyant stage presences. Even while at the piano, they would move their feet or stand to create a high energy experience for their audiences. Fats Domino took a different approach. He would sit back and smile at the audience, playing even the most fast-paced songs with a relaxed demeanor. His stage presence and musical style set him apart, and contributed to his success.


Promotional picture of Fats Domino, undated.