Trocadero Theater, Philadelphia, PA 2002



The Journey Continues to the Big Screen


After John received a call from film director Sofia Coppola, who wanted to use Heavy Metal Parking Lot for a cable TV show in 1994, he and Jeff dusted off the film and began to have screenings again. By the late 90s, the film became a regular staple at alternative film festivals and venues throughout the U.S. Today, the film continues to screen around the world, and is considered among the greatest rock documentaries of all time.


Ottobar, Baltimore, MD 2006


25th Anniversary Poster, design by Tom Pappalardo

 MicroCine Fest Baltimore 1998 poster

MicroCineFest, Baltimore, MD 1998


Coolidge Corner Theater, Boston, MA 2001

  New York Underground Film Festival, NYC 1997 poster

New York Underground Film Festival, NYC 1997