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Original Notes logo by Richard Hill

Original Notes logo by Richard S. Hill, circa 1940s.

Document size: 19 cm x 25.7 cm​

Connecting the Dots: Henry and Sidney Cowell Writings in the Music Library Association Archives presents one of many musicological research possibilities in the Music Library Association Archives. The documents and objects featured in this online exhibit are from the Music Library Association's records for Notes, the organization's quarterly journal since 1934. The MLA Archives are housed at Special Collections in Performing Arts in the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library at the University of Maryland, College Park.



 Notes Printing Plate   

Printing plate of Notes logo, circa 1940s.   

Document size: 8.2 cm x 11.2 cm   

Notes Electrotype Printing Plate 

Electrotype printing plate of Notes logo, 1945.

Document size: 5.3 cm x 7.2 cm​


The Notes logo throughout this online exhibit was used from 19431967 (Second Series, Volumes 123).


People in Connecting the Dots


Henry Cowell NYPL Archives


Sidney Cowell 1948


American composer, music theorist, musicologist, lecturer, publisher, pianist, and inventor of avant-garde piano techniques. Married Sidney Hawkins Robertson in 1941. Co-wrote Charles Ives and His Music with Sidney, published in 1955. From 1945–1954, the Music Library Association published 12 music and book reviews by Henry Cowell in Notes

Image credit: New York Public Library Archives and Manuscripts online.



American ethnomusicologist who studied American folk songs. Graduate of Stanford University. Married Henry Cowell in 1941. Co-wrote Charles Ives and His Music with Henry, published in 1955. From 1948–1961, the Music Library Association published seven book reviews by Sidney Cowell in Notes.

Image credit: Higgins, Roger, photographer. [Sidney Cowell, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right / World-Telegram photo by Higgins], 1948. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress.



American musicologist and reference librarian in the Music Division at the Library of Congress (1939–1961). Editor-in-Chief of Notes (1943–1961) and first president of the International Association for Music Libraries (1951–1955). Addressed in Notes correspondence as "Dick."



American musicologist, music reference librarian at the Library of Congress (1940–1960), Head of the Reference Section in the Music Division from 1960–1974. Associate Editor of Notes (1943–1961), Editor of Notes (1961–1963), MLA Vice-President (1967). Published The Music of Henry Cowell, A Descriptive Catalog in 1986. Addressed in Notes correspondence as "Bill."



American musicologist, music reference librarian at the Library of Congress (1941–1951), cellist, Associate Editor of Notes (1947–1951)Foreign Service officer (1952–1969). Addressed in Notes correspondence as "Lee."