bartenieff blue background "IB's score was my guide. The dance had already been imagined; all I was doing was re-imagining it."
(RL Stalnaker 2017)

Irmgard Bartenieff began composing dances while studying with Laban in 1926-1929, notating the dances through scores using a hybrid system combining Laban’s theories and notation (known as Schrifttanz) and her own system, which consisted of symbols and colour to describe the dance movement and space. Four of these scores are held in her papers. Although we have no visual artifacts such as photographs or film of these dances, a team of four researchers is creating reconstructions -- re-imaginings -- from the scores. The project, known as Schrifttanz Zwei, combines archival research, choreography, music composition, animation creation, and video projection. The team includes a choreographer (Rommie Stalnaker), animator (Brian Pytlik Zillig), composer (Stephen Ramsay), and dramaturg/choreographer/video editor/team lead (Susan L. Wiesner). The first score to be re-imagined was "Chinesische Ballade" ("Chinese Ballad"), a tragic love story with 5 dancers: The Kaiser, 2 Guards, the Prince, and the Princess.

Here is the first page of the score

First page of dance score handwritten by Bartenieff

Here is a brief clip from the re-imagined work Chinese Ballad with an introduction by choreographer Rommie Stalnaker