Cultural Programming

"We needed a program that was entirely campus based and would highlight what different student organizations were doing on campus."

- Mike Fekula, FM DJ & WMUC Sports, 1985-2005 -

Many students who worked at WMUC broadened the station's programming to include shows that highlighted important cultural affairs and communities, such as Yesternow, the station's first program aimed at black and minority students, Campus Focus and feminist shows MsUnderstood and Womenspeak.

Many of these programs were the brainchildren of former program director Jay Kernis, who recalled, "By the time I became program director, I had already worked summers at WRVR, the public radio station at the Riverside Church in NYC. So I thought WMUC should present more than music and news and sports. We created The College Quiz, Yesternow, The Pique Show (a news and feature magazine), a Sunday morning spiritual/cultural show, and a number of others. Before me, as the story goes, there was only one late-night guy from Jamaica who did a show, and no one was quite sure if he was even a student!"

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Selected WMUC cultural programming