Early Books

Alice a Csodák Országában.

[Alice in the Wonderland].

Translated by Altay Margit.

Budapest: Pallas Irodalmi és Nyomdai Rt., [1927].

This is the scarce first Hungarian edition, albeit somewhat abridged, e.g., Chapters IV and V are combined. Carroll is nowhere credited as the author. The book was issued as a supplement—Tündérvásár Könyvtára (Tündérvásár Library), Series 3—to a children’s magazine Tündérvásár (Fairy Market), and was translated, or more accurately, rewritten, “átdolgozta,” according to the title page, by the magazine’s editor, Altay Margit (in Hungarian the surname precedes the forename). The illustrations—six pen and ink drawings that reproduce Arthur Rackham’s illustrations—are uncredited. The cover drawing is probably by a different artist, as the Alice does not resemble the Rackhamesque girl inside. This is one of two known copies, the other being in the National Széchenyi Library in Budapest.

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