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Featured Items for November- Alice Cookbooks


Alice Eats Wonderland: An Irreverent Annotated Cookbook.

By August A. Imholtz, Jr. and Alison Tannenbaum.

Illustrated by A.E.K. Carr.

Carlisle, Massachusetts: Applewood Books, 2009.

A humorous cookbook providing recipes for cooking and serving many of the creatures Alice meets in her Wonderland adventures, such as “jugged hare,” “flamingo tongues,” and “stuffed dormouse.” Includes informative discussions of edible Saturniidae (large moths), the dodo and its relatives, and more.

Exhibit Item 10.26

Alice in Brown Sugarland.

Sugar Land, Texas: Imperial Sugar Company, 1957.

Contains 60 “wonderful Recipes” that call for Imperial Pure Cane Brown Sugar, including Upside-down Chocolate Pudding, Double Jumbles, and other delicious Texas treats, none, however, related to Alice. The booklet could be ordered free from the company by sending a proof of purchase.

Exhibit Item 10.27


Alice in Wonderland Cookbook.

By Ruth L. Smith.

Illustrated by Elling William [Bill] Gollings.

Muncie, Indiana: Der Drucker, 1971.

Each recipe, based loosely on food words in the Alice books, is illustrated, and accompanied by either a real or fictitious quotation from Alice. The charming sepia, yellow, and black illustrations are well-fitted to these homey and wholesome recipes. This is a facsimile of a very rare cookbook published sometime before 1922.

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