Take Action

What you can do

Despite the progress made, voting rights law in America is still inequitable and biased toward particular groups over others. There are a number of organizations - many of which were formed during seminal moments in voting rights history - that are active and attempting to increase access to the ballot. Given that there is still work to be done, what can you do to support this cause?

Register and VOTE

Participating in the electoral process is the best way to effect change 

Register others

Do you know someone who has never voted before?  Find out what barriers they face and help them register and vote.

Contact your representatives

Encourage your representatives to support legislation that extends voting rights to all.

Learn more

Follow local politics and find ways to help others get involved.

Join an organization

Join an organization that supports expanding voting rights.

Girl in front of state building with signboard encouraging voter participation

 Baltimore, MD, 1973. Baltimore News American collection