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Founded in the wake of the break-up of Embrace, Fugazi was formed by guitarist/vocalist Ian MacKaye, drummer Brendan Canty, and bassist Joe Lally. Guy Picciotto, Canty’s former bandmate in Rites of Spring, joined the band shortly thereafter and the group’s lineup was in place. Fugazi quickly became a cornerstone of the scene while exploring new musical territory drawing from a deep well of influences. Their music could be intimate or confrontational and concerts were a communal experience. Active for more than fifteen years before going on an indefinite hiatus in 2003, Fugazi performed locally and internationally extensively, all the while adhering to and spreading the D.C. DIY ethos through comprehensive transparency and accessibility.

Drawn from the Chris Baronner digital collection on D.C. punk, the Sharon Cheslow Punk Flyers, the John Davis collection on punk, the D.C. punk collection, the D.C. punk and indie fanzine collection, and the Jason Farrell collection at Special Collections in Performing Arts at the University of Maryland.

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