Minor Threat Early Logo

Minor Threat

Following the breakup of their previous band, the Teen Idles, vocalist Ian MacKaye and drummer Jeff Nelson joined with bassist Brian Baker and guitarist Lyle Preslar to form a band whose confrontational delivery and intensely personal perspective would make them a defining hardcore punk band. Beyond the impact of the band's music, performance, and embrace of DIY business practices, Minor Threat itself became a point of genesis for bands to follow, as members went on to Fugazi, Dag Nasty, Government Issue, Bad Religion, Three, Embrace, the Evens, and many others.

Materials below drawn from the Sharon Cheslow punk flyers collection, the Kevin Salk collection of D.C. punk photography, the Robbie White collection on the Slickee Boys, and the D.C. punk and indie fanzine collection at the University of Maryland's Special Collections in Performing Arts.

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Minor Threat flier
Minor Threat and Circle Jerks - Washington, D.C., June 11, 1981