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Razz formed in the early 1970s, going through several lineup changes before coalescing at the end of 1976 with vocalist Michael Reidy, guitarists Abaad Behram and Bill Craig, bassist Ted Niceley and drummer Doug Tull. This lineup debuted on stage in April 1977 and released its first single, "C. Redux," later that year on the band's own O'Rourke Records. Razz, soon to rename themselves (the) Razz, were an important part of establishing the punk and new wave scene in the Washington, D.C. area. Specializing in tight, no-frills rock and power pop, it was less their music than it was the modern, darkly humorous visuals of the band's album and advertising artwork, along with Reidy's provocative performing style, that aligned them with punk. In 1978, Behram left the group and was replaced by Tommy Keene. The band released two more singles in 1979—both co-released by O'Rourke and Skip Groff's label, Limp—before disbanding at the end of the year.

Drawn from the Sharon Cheslow punk flyers collection, the D.C. punk collection, the D.C. punk and indie Fanzine collection, the Skip Groff papers, the Don Hamerman collection of performing arts photography, and the Robbie White collection on the Slickee Boys.

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