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Following the dissolution of their band Lünch Meat in 1985, drummer Alexis Fleisig, guitarist Scott McCloud, vocalist Bobby Sullivan, and bassist Chris Thomson reformed the next year as Soulside. Thomson soon left and was replaced by Johnny Temple and the band quickly became one of the flagship D.C. punk bands of the late 1980s. The group released several anthemic, earnest punk records on Sammich and Dischord while touring heavily in the United States and Europe. Following the band’s split in 1989, members went on to Girls Against Boys and Rain Like the Sound of Trains. In addition, Temple founded Akashic Books, a thriving independent publishing house.

Drawn from the Sharon Cheslow Punk Flyers collection, the D.C. punk and indie fanzine collection, and the Jason Farrell collection at Special Collections in Performing Arts at the University of Maryland.

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