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Following the breakup of their Virginia-based band Citizen 23 in 1981, guitarist/vocalist Don Fleming, keyboardist Elaine Barnes, and bassist Stephen Soles moved to Washington, D.C. and formed the Velvet Monkeys. Drummer Jay Spiegel joined soon after. Fleming would remain the group's lone constant member through the next decade of its existence. The group's debut album Everything is Right was issued in 1982 (with cover art by Bob Raiter), followed by Future in 1983 and Rake in 1990. Numerous musicians cycled through the band during its lifetime, including Charles Steck (High Back Chairs), Malcolm Riviera (Grand Mal), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), Julia Cafritz (Pussy Galore), Stuart Casson (Dove), Rob Kennedy (Chumps) and others.

Drawn from the Sharon Cheslow punk flyers collection, the D.C. punk collection, the D.C. punk and indie fanzine collection, and the Skip Groff papers at the University of Maryland.

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Velvet Monkeys recording, Inner Ear session rough mixes and WHFS interview, 1981

Velvet Monkeys recording, "Everything is Right" alternate sequence, circa 1981