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Letter Y

Yearbook title page, 1898

Yearbook — The Maryland Agricultural College cadets first produced a yearbook, known as Reveille, in 1897. In 1935, the name changed to the Terrapin, and then briefly changed to Us from 1971-1972. Today the name remains the Terrapin. Yearbooks from 1897 to the present have been digitized and are available via links on the University Archives' Yearbooks webpage.

YMCA — The Young Men's Christian Association established a chapter at the Maryland Agricultural College during the 1900-1901 academic year. According to the 1910 Reveille yearbook, the organization's purpose was to "deepen the spiritual life of its members and promote social and Christian fellowship among them." The group sponsored religious meetings and other speakers, stocked game rooms and a reading room, and even assisted in locating employment for students who desired it. The YMCA was also responsible for the production of early student handbooks for freshmen.

Yow, Deborah A. — Athletic director from 1994-2010. She was first female athletic director in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).