Katherine Anne Porter Correspondence Database


The Katherine Anne Porter correspondence database is a collaboration between the University of Maryland Libraries’ Special Collections and University Archives and the Digital System and Stewardship Division to digitize and provide online access to Porter’s correspondence from the Libraries’ Katherine Anne Porter papers and additional related collections.

Currently, the database consists of approximately 3,800 articles of Porter’s correspondence dating from 1912 to 1977.

More information about the Katherine Anne Porter holdings in Special Collections and University Archives is available in the Katherine Anne Porter at UMD subject guide.


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Porter’s correspondence to others currently represented in this database includes her extensive correspondence with members of her family spanning more than 60 years. Her most frequent correspondents include her sister Gay Porter Hollaway, husbands Albert Erskine, Jr., and Eugene Pressly, nephew Paul Porter, Jr., and niece Ann Hollaway Heintze. This correspondence spans the years of 1912 through 1977 and comprises approximately 2,300 articles of correspondence. They provide insights into Porter’s relationships, attitudes, and experiences. They document her exposure to major cultural and historical events of the 20th century, such as her time spent in Mexico following the Mexican Revolution, in Germany before WWII began, and in Washington, D.C., during WWII and the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. The letters also document her personal opinions about the lives and works of fellow writers including Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, William Faulkner, Hart Crane, and close friend Josephine Herbst.

Also currently available in the database are 1,500 Porter letters, greeting cards, postcards, and telegrams sent to over forty correspondents, including confidants and personal acquaintances Glenway Wescott, Barbara Harrison Wescott, Monroe Wheeler, George Platt Lynes, Donald Elder, Mary Louis Doherty, and Isabel Bayley. Spanning the years 1924 to 1977, other Porter correspondents include Cleanth and Tinkum Brooks, Eleanor Clark, Malcolm Cowley, Ford Maddox Ford, Caroline Gordon, William Goyen, William Humphrey, Flannery O’Connor, Ezra Pound, Theodore Roethke, Allen Tate, Robert Penn Warren, Eudora Welty, and Tennessee Williams. These letters offer Porter’s insights into the work of her literary contemporaries and reveal the extent of her involvement and influence within a community of Modern writers.


The intellectual property residing in the unpublished correspondence of Katherine Anne Porter is controlled by the Katherine Anne Porter Literary Trust. Inquiries about permission to publish should be directed to:

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Questions regarding the Katherine Anne Porter Correspondence project can be directed to askhornbake@umd.edu.

A guide to the Katherine Anne Porter holdings in Special Collections and University Archives at the University of Maryland can be found online.

The finding aid to the Katherine Anne Porter papers is available online.